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JAM (2005) Enterprises

C-NRPP- Certified Radon Gas Testing and Measurement Your Family's Health is Key   

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Accustar Well Water Test Kit WT-100


This test uses liquid scintillation testing of a well water sample for rural clients concerned about radon in their wells. Radon is released into the air when water is used in showers, dish washing, toilet flushing, etc. Radon gas can then be inhaled. The test for DIY applications includes a test kit, instructions and a pre-paid Fed Ex mailer with Customs Declaration. The test MUST be sent to the lab in Massachussettes within 2 days in order for results to be valid. The ideal time for testing is on Monday morning so that Fed Ex can pick up the kit and the lab will receive it by Wednesday. DO NOT start the test on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Reports are available usually within a week of analysis. The cost of the test reflects the price of the kit plus the Fed. Ex overnight service. Shipping to you (at my cost) and HST is extra.

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