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Landauer Rapidos Alpha Track Detector (10-30 days)


The Landauer Rapidos Alpha Track detector is a new ST testing device created by the Landauer Corporation which has been in the radiation detection business for 60 years. This fills in the gap between the normal ST testing of 2-7 days and the LT test of 91-365 days. This helps to ameliorate the problems and environmental influences that can affect the traditional 2-4 day test. The test when completed is analyzed in the US (Illinois) and test results are available within 2 weeks or so. The detector number is registered on-line with Landauer and the results are posted on-line as well. If you purchase one, please send me an email. I MUST register the detector number, your personal data ( name, address, email, phone number, type of dwelling, location of detector, heating system, building foot print, fireplace, drains, dryer in basement, etc. etc.) through my Landauer portal. When the test is complete you can mail in the detector and the report should come to you and me as well.Postage to the US lab is NOT included in the price but Small Air Package postage to the US should suffice. This test requires "closed house conditions" as much as practical. Instructions are provided with the kit.

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