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JAM (2005) Enterprises

C-NRPP- Certified Radon Gas Testing and Measurement Your Family's Health is Key   

Radon gas testing may have prevented these.

Real Stories, Real People, Real Radon-Induced Lung Cancer !

Are you living with a killer in your basement ?

Ann Cosper Huntsville, AL

“The only thing they could attribute to causing my lung cancer is the fact I had radon in my home – and didn’t know it. When I learned that radon likely brought this on I was petrified. I felt so helpless. There is no way I can stress enough to the public how important it is to have your radon checked.”

Ginger Collins Pearisburg, VA

“For more than 30 years, my mother Ginger Collins worked, prayed and raised her three daughters in the ranch-style brick house she my dad built at Bunker Hill… In January, the level of radon was more than four times the EPA action level in her house. My family had never heard of radon and had no idea of the devastation it could cause.” (2011) – Tina Steele, Ginger Collins’ daughter

Linda D’Agostino Conestoga, PA

“Having smoked, I thought that was the reason I had developed lung cancer until I saw the Radon PSA on TV and searched the Internet to discover that radon gas in the home increases the chances of lung cancer for smokers or former smokers many times over… I feel like I have been robbed. It’s like a movie on ‘Lifetime’, only I’m living it. I am angry, but I am on a mission to raise radon awareness.” (2013)

Diane Mayer Weston, MA

“I am a never-smoker, and competed as a ’weekend’ triathlete for years before my diagnosis... We tested our new house for radon and found levels that were too high, about 4 times the EPA’s recommendation. The radon mitigation system was installed and we assumed it was working properly until my diagnosis. Our electrical outlet for the mitigation fan, however, had tripped and was not working.” (2013)

Sandra Sponcler Chattaroy, WA

“My lung cancer was the worst surgery I have ever been through in all of my 64 years. If I had just known more about radon-induced lung cancer, I certainly would have checked often for radon levels. Everyone’s home should be tested for radon. Please take action against radon now. Test, fix and save a life!”

Debby Lebensdorf Winchester, OH

“Two physicians suggested that we check our home for radon gas which we did. The results came back in double digits. I had no idea that we were living with this silent killer or that it is the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers until my diagnosis was made… It’s easy to plan your life; it’s harder to plan not to have one, and so I never dreamed I would be fighting this battle.” (2012)

Stories are from Real people, Real stories, Real Radon-Induced lung cancer .