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JAM (2005) Enterprises

C-NRPP- Certified Radon Gas Testing and Measurement Your Family's Health is Key   

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Radon Gas and Tarion

Tarion Home Warranty Coverage

Radon gas mitigation is included in the Tarion New Home Warranty which applies to new homes in Ontario. Home owners should arrange for a short-term radon test well within the first year of the warranty and then initiate a claim if the radon level is above 200 Bq/m3. The radon level will need to be confirmed with a long-term test by a certified C-NRPP measurement professional. (That is I.) During the first two years, (under Ontario Building Code Health and Safety and Fit for Habitation) the builder is responsible for mitigation costs. In years two-seven (Major Structural Defects), remediation falls under the Tarion Warranty. In either case make sure that the mitigation contractor is actually certified (C-NRPP website - find a professional) to do this. Some builders will contract this out to non-certified tradespeople. The results can be disappointing. Also make sure that you have a follow up radon gas measurement done (preferably done by an independent Radon Measurement Specialist [me] or by yourself with an appropriate long-term test kit.) . The mitigation contractor should provide this post-mitigation test to ensure that the system is working.

Please go to for more information and warranty explanation. See the following video from

The 2010 National Building Code is requiring all new home construction to have a radon mitigation system "roughed in" ; this takes effect 2015 January. In Guelph ON, all building permits issued after September 01 2015 for new construction will only be approved if the builder meets one of three criteria involving radon mitigation i.e. rough in passive system installed. Middlesex Centre has this requirement as well. St. Thomas is also looking at adopting this in their new houses. Doug Tarry incorporates the rough-in system in his new houses in St. Thomas.Ontario has yet to adopt the new mitigation standards province-wide.